You’ll love the experience of pure luxury!


Specialised Facial

Results driven, regenerating facial whereby we include machine tmt’s to improve & prolong results.Cleanse, specialised exfoliation, gentle steam, extractions, machine treatments, facial massage & specialised mask.

Classic European

Excellent introductory facial, step by step customised to your skin needs.Cleanse, exfoliate, gentle steam, extractions, facial massage & mask.

Deep Cleanse

Purifying facial skincare treatment for problematic skin. Also preventing future breakouts.Cleanse, exfoliate, gentle steam, extractions, facial massage & mask.

Men’s Skincare

Specialised to the need of men’s skin, relieve & prevention of ingrown hair, regenerating & hydrating.Relaxing & unwinding treatment.Also includes waxing of unwanted nose & ear hair, if needed.Cleanse exfoliate, gentle steam, extractions, oxygenating treatment, facial massage & mask with neck & shoulder massage.

Back Cleanse

Treatment to remove dead skin cells & impurities while gently hydrating the skin.  Also includes a back massage

AGE Smart facial

Revitalising, power boost to skin.Treatment is designed to help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate & energise the skin.Cleanse, active vitamin & Hydroxy acid exfoliation, gentle steam, machine treatment, facial massage & specialised mask.

BT-Skin Analysis & BT Micro Treatment

A solution to ageing, pigmentation & dehydration at the deepest possible level using ultrasound technology.One of the biggest skin concerns in society today is ageing, which goes hand in hand with skin hydration levels and exfoliation. When skin is dehydrated, fine dehydration lines appear, giving the impression of an ageing skin. When we exfoliate, we slough off the dead skin cells to expose plump hydrated ones and in so doing, combat dehydration and a skin that looks aged.Knowing these concerns, we have incorporated two new machines into our facials to help blitz your skin into its perfect condition.

Bio- Theraputic Analyse: This machine uses bio-impedance technology and with its skin membrane sensor it takes a reading of the moisture levels in your skin. This is a great little machine to use before and after a facial to see the difference. It might also be helpful to pop in every now and then to monitor your skins hydration levels.

Bio-Theraputic Micro: On its first function an ultrasonic current (molecules vibrating/occilating at a high speed) is created in the skin. This forces the stratum corneum (layer of dead skin cells) to be lifted off of the skin. When the Micro is used over another exfoliator (eg Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant) is gives a deeper exfoliation, letting whatever serum is applied next to penetrate to a much deeper level than what it normally would. The other function of the Micro is Iontophoresis. This is a process that is based on polarity - like polarities repel and opposite attract. A serum is applied to the skin, the Micro is then set to the same polarity as the serum. When the machine is moved over the skin, because the polarities are the same, the serum is forced to the basal layer of the skin. The same is done over the masque.

Including these machines into your facial will give you a deeper exfoliation, dramatically increased penetration of product to the basal layer and the ability to monitor your skins hydration levels.